My Hooping Videos

Multihoop Tech Choreography – Gonna Make You Sweat (2/16)

Blending New and Old Multihoop Tech (1/16)

Funky Pants, Funky Art, Funky Moves (aka Can You Do This?) (7/14)

In-Depth Hoop Retreat 2015 – Performance Night (1/15)

PamHoops’ and Amanda Lavender Moon’s Colorado Adventure (5/15)

Boulder Creek Festival Performance (5/14)

Twin Hoop Tech Choreography (11/14)

Sunday Hoop Group (2/14)

Mismatched Twins Hoop Choreography (2/14)

Hooping With Friends Through Northern California (9/13)

Sedona Single and Double Flow (8/13)

A Little Seated and Foot Hooping Flow (6/13)

Hooping through Glacier National Park (7/12)

Pam and Jinju Play and Teach Hoops and Poi on Oahu (3/13)

Flowing to Franti (4/12)

Gainey Village Hoop Class Demo (8/12)

Oh, The Things You Can Do with a Hula Hoop” (2/12)

Wine, Water, and Hooping РOur Paso Robles/San Luis Obispo trip (10/11)

Expression Night” at Kalani Resort (1/12)

The Pulse of the Radiant, Feminine Heart – A Yoga, Drumming, and Hooping Retreat on the Big Island (not much hooping in this one…..just a beautiful montage of an amazing week shared with 20 incredible women).



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