I love spreading the joy of hooping to others.  I am certified by both Hoopnotica and Hoop Revolution as a hoop instructor and am available to bring laughter, fun, and amazement to your party or corporate event. If you love to hoop or want to learn, I co-host a free weekly hoop jam at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix (or a martial arts studio nearby when the AZ weather is too hot or wet). Also, I sell beautiful, handmade hoops. If you’re interested in more information, contact me at


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  1. I would love to join your hoop jam. Where and when do you hold it? I met you at one of the Heady Hoop classes in Phoenix. I am the old broad! I practice a couple times a week while my dogs are running at my church. I am getting a bit frustrated and could some pointers. Love your videos! 480-215-2584

    • Hey Carrie, I just added you to my “Hoopers” group on Facebook, and I’ll add you to my email alert list of jams. We’ve stopped them for August since it’s so hot, but we’ll start up again September 9th. We get together at my subdivision park at the 101 and Cactus in north Scottsdale. I’ll give you more specific directions when we start up again. :)

    • Great, Tricia! I’ll add you to my alerts. The next one will be Sunday, Sept 9 (canceled for the next couple weeks since it’s so hot), so be looking for an alert sometime the week before with the time and address (101 and Cactus area in north Scottsdale). – Pam

  2. Hi, my name is Ashley. I live in Tempe. I’ve been hooping for awhile but when I moved here from St. Louis the climate change made me not want to go outside. I was wondering if there is any studios in the valley that offer hoop classes so I can brush up on my skills and also not die from heat exhaustion.


    • Hi, Ashley! I teach a class on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. at Gainey Village, which you need to be a member of to attend, but I can get you a guest pass if you’d like to join us to check it out. I also have a hoop jam most Sundays at my neighborhood park (101 and Cactus in north Scottsdale). I’d be happy to add you to my “hoop alert” email list if you’d like to join us. Sometimes it’s beginners, sometimes intermediate, sometimes both, sometimes kids also, sometimes one or two people, sometimes quite a few. And always free. :) The Heady Hoop Tribe holds weekly classes, which are currently being held at a studio near McDowell and Hayden. Their website is, and you can also find them on Facebook. And I know there’s a hoop class at Express Mie Dance Fitness studio in Tempe, but I went there once, and it was very “fitness-y,” not so much dance, so it wasn’t my cup of tea, but you may want to check it out. – Pam

  3. Hello Pam! I have only just begun to hoop and I realize I need some help! I too would really like to join your hoop jam. Please add me to your contact list and to your Facebook group!

  4. Hey, I am very interested in trying one of your classes.
    I was wondering if you need a membership to take the class or if you can just go in and pay a class fee or something?

    • Hi Tia,

      You need a membership to Gainey Village for my Saturday classes, but I’d be happy to add you to my alert list for hoop jams/classes I hold in the park most Sundays (no charge). I just need your email address. This Sunday will be at 9 a.m., but they’re usually in the afternoons.

  5. Hey Pam! I am a fellow hooper from Los Angeles. I am taking an assignment in Chandler, Arizona and will be moving there in a few weeks. I would love to meet up and hoop with you and/or any other hoopers! I will be working only 3 days a week, but my schedule will vary week to week (and I do work some weekends). Any information on other hoop jams or groups around the Phoenix area would be greatly appreciated!
    Vortasia Sol

    • Hey Vortasia! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just saw the message. I would love to meet up and hoop with you. I have a free weekly Sunday hoop gathering at my local park in north Scottsdale (around the 101 freeway and Cactus) (about a half hour from Chandler) that I’d love to have you join in. I’ll put you on my email alert list for that. Also, the Heady Hoop Tribe holds weekly classes and occasional jams ( And Rachael Aganad holds a class in Anthem (quite a distance from Chandler) and also in Scottsdale. Her website is Do you know Pamela Crawford? I know she’s from L.A., and she’s the one that I got my Hoopnotica training from. Love her. :) Hope to hoop with you soon!!

    • Will do, Martha! Planning to have a free Sunday park class/jam this Sunday around 2:00 or 3:00. I’ll send an email later this week, and I hope to hoop with you soon!

    • Hey Melanie! I wish I would have broken out the hoops earlier in the trip. So much more to teach you! You’ll have to make the hike out here for one of my Sunday hoop gatherings, or better yet, you and Jeff will have to come over for dinner sometime, and we’ll have a hoop session while the guys drink their wine. :)

  6. Hey Pam, I noticed all of these posts are a few months old. Are you still doing your sunday hoop jams? I’m a beginner and would love some lessons. Please let me know!

        • Hey Lu! I’m having a free hoop gathering at my park today, 2:00 for beginners, 3:00 for advanced. The park is near the 101 and Cactus. Here are directions: From 101 and Cactus, head east. Turn left at 90th Street (1st light). Turn left at Larkspur (3rd street). The park is at 88th Street and Larkspur. Hope to see you there!! If you need more info, you can contact me at

  7. Hi Pam,
    Any chance you know of any hoop classes on the west side? I live in Surprise and would really love to try hooping, as a friend of mine takes your class on Sundays. Thanks!

    • Hey Vicki! Sorry for the late response. Just saw this message. I have one friend who lives in Buckeye that likes to get people together in the park occasionally and another that teaches in Anthem in her backyard. If you’d like either of their contact info, let me know. That’s it for my knowledge of west side hoopers. :)

  8. Hi! i have been searching for classes to hoop. I will be moving to AZ in April and would love to join your class! If you could give me more info on when and where your classes will take place that would be just great:)

    • Awesome, Jana. I’ll add you to my “hoop alert” email list to let you know when I have gatherings in my park in north Scottsdale. They’re on the weekends when I’m in town, usually on Sundays, but it just depends on the week. And they’re free. :) You’ll also want to check out the Heady Hoop Tribe,, and Rachael Aganad, They both have classes. And there’s a Facebook site called AZ Hoop Love where you can find a lot of hoop things going on in AZ. Looking forward to meeting you, Jana!!!

    • Hey Marni! I just sent you an email with the details for this week’s get-together. We found a space to use during the summer months, then will be moving back outside when it cools off. We had our first indoor session a couple weeks ago, and the format was more of a “jam” than a “class,” but I taught the beginners some basics for the first 30 minutes, so if you want to come join us, that would be great!! And when we head back outside when it cools off, I’ll probably go back to more of a class format.

  9. Hi I just moved to the area and I’m a beginner hooper. I read that you have classes at a park in Scottsdale on Sundays sometimes. Are you still doing that?! I’d love to join


    • Hey Jackie! I’ve been holding free weekly gatherings at Roadrunner Park on Sundays from 3:00 to 5:30 (on weekends that I’m in town). I send out an email alert a few days ahead. I’ll add your email to that list. You can also “like” my Facebook PamHoops page, where I post about gatherings I hold and other hoop-related things. Look forward to meeting and hooping with you!! – Pam

  10. Just found you on the web and will be in Scottsdale for the month of March working spring training and would love to join your hoop jam. The last post was in November…are you still doing them? Please add me to your Facebook alerts. Sounds like great fun..I am a real beginner.

    • Great, Polly! I’ll add you to my email hoop alerts (I usually send one out a couple days before). We’ve been meeting on Sunday afternoons when I’m in town at Roadrunner Park at 36th Street and Cactus. You can also find and like my Facebook page if you like. It’s Pamhoops, one word. I post the events there too. Looking forward to meeting you! We have all levels at the gatherings!!

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