Great Hooping Tutorials

There are lots of great tutorials on the Internet. is the best place for “everything hooping,” and they have a ”Tutorials” section with lots of inspiration.

Emma Kenna, Babz Robinson, Betty Lucas, Jon Coyne, Deanne Love, and Caroleeena have YouTube channels with some amazing tutorials.

Emma Kenna

Babz Robinson

Lucas Hooping

Jon Coyne



My tutorials:

One-handed, two-handed, and funky isolations

Smear and isolated barrel roll

Forward weave

Reverse weave

Windmill, part 1 (each hands separately)

Windmill, part 2 (both hands together)

Transition ideas from halo

Vertical to horizontal transition ideas, part 1: from isolations, hand hooping, etc.

Vertical to horizontal transition ideas, part 2: from forward and reverse weave in the wheel and wall plane

Transition ideas from an isolation

Transition ideas from an outside grip

Transition ideas from a forward weave

Transition ideas from a forward weave

Vertical linear isolation – 1 and 2 hoops

And here are some of my favorites of others:

Waist Hooping – Abby 

Waist Hooping – Diana Lopez

Chest Hooping – SaFire

Chest and Shoulder Hooping – Caroleena

One Shoulder Hooping – SaFire

Vertical Break and Reverse – Deanne Love

Helicopter and Helicopter Tricks – Jon Coyne

Revolving Door – Jon Coyne

Tuck/Toss – Caroleena

Pizza Toss – Jon Coyne

Escalator and Variations – Jo Mondy

One-handed floats – Shakti Sunfire

Slide Isolations – Rainbow Michael

Knee Hooping – SaFire

Bringing Hoop from Knees to Waist – SaFire

Bringing Hoop from Knees to Waist – Jenna Stecker

Vertical Behind-the-Back Pass – Caroleena

Barrel Roll – Hoopalicious

Isolation Orbit Barrel Roll – Revolva

Off-Body Hooping – Baxter

Windmill – Caroleena

Elbow Hooping from Chest Hooping - Betty Lucas

Chest Roll – Babz

Shoulder Duck-out – Babz

Shoulder Pass – Babz

Back Roll – Serena Scaglione

Vertical and Horizontal Rolls – Chad Forsberg

Peek-a-Boo with and without turn

Behind-the-Back Weave – Khan Wong

Backspin Wedgie Flick-Up – Angie Mack

Leg Hooping Step-Out – Hoopsie Daisy 

Ankle/Shin Hooping – Tilly Whirls

The Rising Sun – Zach and Marria (Ninja Hoops)

Thread the Needle – Shasta Lee

(I’m in the process of building this page up…..check back!)


3 thoughts on “Great Hooping Tutorials

  1. I love your website! Thank you for your great tutorials and all of the work you put into finding great tutorials from other people! :)

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