Videos of AMAZING Hoopers!

Here are some videos of the AMAZING hoopers that inspire me!

Anah (aka Hoopalicious)

Andrey Pyr

Angie Mack

Ann Humphries

Anna Stankus


Beth Lavinder

Brecken Rivara

Brittany Briley (aka Stella Spins)

Caterina Suttin

Chad Forsberg

Danielle Odette and Nick Guzzardo

Deanne Love

Emma (Kenna Hoops)

Gail O’Brien

Gianna Twirlwind

Jake Hill

Jo Mondy

Luna Breeze

Malcolm Stuart

Mary Gargett

Matt Porretta

Megan Wilmot

Michelle Bell

Mike Hayataka

Mona (ShpongledHoops)

Nick Broyd

Nick Guzzardo

Nicole Wong and Sarah Starlight

Rich Porter

Rico Titou and Nawal

Ryan Elwood



Susanna Vuorinen

Tiana Zoumer

Tilly Whirls

Megan Wilmot

Valentina Unity

Veronika Goodnight (Kit) 


5 thoughts on “Videos of AMAZING Hoopers!

    • Feel like sharing the info on how you chose to pucsahre your first LED hoop? I’m currently working with a water weighted hoop and am having trouble lightening my weights and still being able to do all the tricks I’ve learned. I use a bigger hoop right now, I’m nervous that even a 38 hoop might be too small. Any tips for this yooper hooper would be great thanks!

      • It’s so hard making the choice in size for your first LED. My first one was a 36-inch, 3/4 diameter from Moodhoops, and I really loved it. But everyone is different. If you happen to have other hoopers around you that have LEDs, you could ask to try theirs out, if that’s an option (and take a tape measure if you know in advance to figure out what size if they don’t know). One recommendation I would make is not to buy a super expensive one, because you’ll probably end up upgrading as you become a more advanced hooper (which is what I did). And then you can hopefully sell your used one to someone and recoup some of your money! Good luck with your purchase. LEDs are so much fun!!

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