Hey, Hoopers!! I created this site to organize and share all my favorite “hoop stuff.” In it, you’ll find my videos, videos of my favorite hoopers, and some great tutorials. You can also find contact info if you’re interested in joining me and fellow hoopers for some hoop fun/instruction at a local park in Phoenix, Arizona. Hope you find some things you like!

Someone recently asked what I love about the hoop, and this was my response:

I love that it is a form of exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise…..all it feels like is fun! I love how it makes both my brain and my body work. I love the amazing people that I’ve come in contact with/become friends with because of it. I love that it calms me down when I’m feeling anxious and gives me energy when I’m feeling tired. I love that I can introduce others to the hoop, maybe just to have them spin it on their waist for a few minutes and get them smiling, or teach them a trick and really get them smiling….and then watch someone take that trick and show it to someone else and keep spreading the hoop love. I love all the wonderful music that I’ve discovered that I don’t think I would have been exposed to if it wasn’t for the hoop. And the thing I love the most about the hoop is the joy I feel every time I put it on my body and start dancing.

PamHoops - Hoop Dancer/Hoop Maker/Hoop Instructor